Year One

at Green Ridge Primary Academy



In Year One, the pupils learn a new unit each term: Toys and Transport, Jaws, Paws and Claws and Oh I Do Like To Be Beside the Seaside. Within the Autumn Term, pupils learn about what toys were like in Victorian times and then how and why they have changed over time to be what they play with now. Within the Spring Term, Year One will link some of their science learning around animals to their geography focus where they will look at continents and climates. Finally, within the Summer Term, pupils will look at the UK and explore the countries, surrounding oceans and important landmarks while learning and human and physical geography.


Meet The Team

Miss. S. Dawson

Beech Class Teacher

Miss. C. Bewick

SEND & Behavoiur Support Practitioner

Miss. L. Gornall

Elm Class Teacher

Miss. N. Gupta

Teaching Assistant

Miss. S. Gordon

Lime Class Teacher

Miss. S. Fox

Teaching Assistant

Mr. N. Needs

Teaching Assistant

Miss. M. Bhatti

Teaching Assistant