Main School (YR-Y6)

Green Ridge Primary Academy Main School Times

Arriving at school (Reception to Year Six)

  • Children should arrive at school no earlier than 8.40am and by 8.50am at the latest.
  • Children must not play on any of the school equipment before school.
  • No child should be left unaccompanied in the playground before 8:40 am.
  • Classroom external doors will open between 8.40-8.50am to allow children to enter.
  • Any child who arrives to the classroom door after 8.50am will not be allowed to enter through this door, and will have to go via the main entrance and sign in late.

Break times

  • All children in Year One to Six have a break mid-way through the morning, typically between 10.45-11.00am.
  • All children go outside at break time and lunch time, weather permitting.

Typical timetable of lessons

Green Ridge Primary Academy Typical Timetable of Lessons