Year Six

at Green Ridge Primary Academy



In Year Six, the pupils learn a new unit each term: Lest We Forget, Gods and Mortals and Tomorrow’s World. Within the Autumn Term, pupils learn about World War 1, looking at the impact that the Great War had on Europe and the United Kingdom as well as comparing with existing knowledge about World War 2. Within the Spring Term, Year Six will learn about Greece and the Ancient Greeks. Finally, within the Summer Term, pupils will have a look at the natural disasters that tectonic plates can cause and the impact that they can have on our world. In amongst these key themes, the pupils will be exposed to a range of curriculum subjects across the terms.

Meet The Team

Mr. T. Arnold

Hawthorn Class Teacher

Mrs. S. Layton

Teaching Assistant

Miss. L. Thomassen

Hawthorn Class Teacher

Miss. A. Crown

SEND Support Lead

Mrs. D. Cole

Aspen Class Teacher

Mr. A. Meachen

Teaching Assistant

Mrs. G. Tong

SEND & Behavoiur Support Practitioner

Mrs. I. Georgieva

Teaching Assistant