We are very proud to hold the Modeshift Stars Silver: Very Good Travel Plan award and pride ourselves on our continuous commitment and promotion of safe and sustainable travel.

Together, as a whole school community, we help to promote road safety and sustainable transport by running competitions and also helping to tackle parking and congestion issues.

Please read our School Travel Plan Newsletters for some more up to date information:

Issue 1 – STP Newsletter Summer Term 2020 (619KB)
Issue 2 – STP Newsletter Autumn Term 2020 (744KB)
Issue 3 – STP Newsletter Spring Term 2021 (842KB)
Issue 4 – STP Newsletter Summer Term 2021 (671KB)
Issue 5 – STP Newsletter Autumn Term 2021 (723KB)
Issue 6 – STP Newsletter Spring Term 2022 (1MB)

We actively encourage our pupils and staff to walk, scoot or cycle to school as this:

  • keeps us fit and healthy
  • helps our pupils develop vital road safety skills which will keep them safe as they travel further afield and more independently
  • helps keep our local air clean, and our streets free from congestion
  • develops life skills that everyone should be able to benefit from
  • improves fitness and contributes to part of the recommended daily exercise of an hour a day
  • encourages us to socialise with other children and parents
  • is fun! Play games on route e.g. how many red cars you see on the journey
  • supports mental health and well-being

What we do at Green Ridge Primary Academy:

  • We use Modeshift STARS to update and monitor our school travel plan
  • We promote safe and active travel as much as possible by using our noticeboard, displays, newsletter and website at greenridgeacademy.co.uk
  • We encourage all members of our school community to walk, cycle or travel by public transport for the journey to school. To support this, we provide:
    • Cycle training (Bikeability)
    • Scooter training
    • Pedestrian training
    • Cycle parking
    • Scooter parking
    • Public transport information
  • We let all new pupils and their parents/carers know that we promote healthy and sustainable travel to school before the child starts at our school
  • We complete the WOW Travel Tracker daily to earn a walk to school badge
  • We arrange a planned programme of events during the year to promote and encourage sustainable travel

WOW Travel Tracker

We use the WOW Travel Tracker programme in our classes to record how the children have travelled to school every day. Children who have at least 1 active trip each week for a month receive a special badge.

Bike and Scooter Racks

Bike and scooter racks are provided on site so that bikes and scooters can be left during the day. These are situated by the KS1 playground and by the KS2 playground. While we cannot take responsibility for bikes, scooters and helmets left on the premises, the racks are behind gates that are secured and locked during the school day. Bikes and scooters can also be locked to the rack if desired.