Green Ridge has access to a wide range of enrichment opportunities for all our children, including those who are more-able. We hold enrichment days throughout the academic year – some for individual year groups, key stages or even the whole-school, spanning across all aspects of the curriculum, from art to mathematics.

Each half-term we have a dedicated half-day morning whereby we provide specific enrichment for the children across the academy.  This is led by both internal and external visiting staff, and this again can include anything from cooking to taekwondo.  An annual enrichment programme is planned for this to ensure that all children have a broad range of enrichment each half-term as a minimum, in addition to specific year-group, key stage or whole-school specific enrichment days.  In in addition to the morning each half-term, this is built upon in the afternoon where a house-competition/enrichment event takes places between the four different houses within the academy.

Not only do enrichment activities bring about excellent learning opportunities that can be applied within the school curriculum, but it develops our young children with regards to confidence, self-esteem and resourcefulness that are essential skills to be the leaders in the 21st century.

Our enrichment programme also includes our WOW days/activities as part of our thematic approach to learning, as well as all visits, trips and visitors that children encounter.  Furthermore, our ’11 before 11’ (11 activities that children are to experience before they reach the age of 11 and leave primary school) activities also contribute to our enrichment programme throughout the academy.

We constantly look for opportunities in the local area to inspire, enrich, and challenge our children, for example, taking part in sporting tournaments, music days, and local and national competitions.  The children also benefit from a wide range of extra-curricular clubs and peripatetic staff.

After-School Clubs

After-School clubs for the spring term 2019 are as follows:

Cheerleading (2MB)
Performing Arts (138KB)
Dance Yr R & Yr 1 (181KB)
Dance Yr 2 & Yr 3 (181KB)
Martial Arts Yr R & Yr 1 (1008KB)
Martial Arts Yr 2 & Yr 3 (1008KB)
Cookery Yr R & Yr 1 (207KB)
Cookery Yr 2 & Yr 3 (206KB)
Art Yr 1 & Yr 2 (203KB)
Art Yr 2 & Yr 3 (203KB)
Gymnastics Yr R & Yr 1 (739KB)
Gymnastics Yr 1 & Yr 2 (739KB)