Our Governors

Green Ridge has a Local Governing Body which is made up of four trust-appointed members, who are volunteers, one co-opeted governor (volunteer), two parents, two staff and the Headteacher.  They can invite other members of staff in to meetings to discuss current issues.  You can find out more about our current governors in the pen portrait document below.  Governors have to declare that they are working for the school in an open and honest way and so fill in a Declarations of Interests form (583KB).

The role of a Local Governor within a Multi-Academy Trust is an important one. In developing our governance arrangements, the Trust Board has sought to ensure that the responsibility to govern is vested in those closest to the impact of decision-making and that such responsibility matches the capacity of those assuming responsibility. In conjunction with the Regional Boards, the Trust Board establishes Local Governing Bodies for each of the Academies, for the most part made up of individuals drawn from the Academy’s community, both as elected and appointed members.

The Local Governors are accountable to the Regional Board and the Trust Board (who in turn is accountable to the Department for Education) as well as to the communities they serve.

REAch2 now has over 55 schools and is organised into four regions.  Green Ridge Primary Academy is part of the North Central Region.

Schools in the North Central Region
Buckinghamshire Green Ridge Primary Academy
Essex Chigwell Primary Academy;  Dorothy Barley Junior Academy; Langtons Junior Academy; Pemberley Primary Academy; Purfleet Primary Academy; Water Lane Primary Academy; New Hall Primary Academy
Hertfordshire Garden City Primary Academy; Wilshere-Dacre Junior Academy
London Chapel End Junior School; Concordia Primary Academy; Minerva Primary Academy; Summerside Primary Academy; Woodside Primary Academy
Reading Civitas Primary Academy; The Palmer Academy; Ranikhet Primary Academy

All our schools share the same governance structure and you can find information about the trust on the REAch2 website at www.reach2.org.  The Governance page gives details of how the Trust is organised, including the Articles of Association, the Master Funding Agreement and all the documents which relate to how the Trust was founded and how it runs today.  You can also find details of who our trustees are.

There is a Scheme of Delegation (652KB), which details how the LGB operates and functions.  The LGB hold meetings during the year in which they help to support the school, its leadership and pupils whilst challenging to make sure that everyone achieves as much progress as they should.

The LGB also work alongside a regional board where region-wide issues are discussed.  The Regional Board is made up of volunteers, just like an LGB, with head teachers and chairs of governors.  There is also a team of regional officers, led by the Regional Director, Gill Ellyard.  They provide support to the schools in finance, HR, estates and governance.

Governors’ Newsletters

LGB Newsletter – Autumn 2017 (3MB)

LGB Newsletter – Summer 2018 (1MB)

LGB Newsletter – Autumn 2018 (1MB)

LGB Newsletter – Spring 2019 (1MB)

LGB Newsletter – Summer 2019 (2MB)

Local Governing Body Members

LGB Governor Pen Portraits (558KB)

Attendance at Local Governing Body Meetings  – 2017-2019 (234KB)

This includes our governors’ names and roles and responsibilities on the LGB, including any declarations of interest and their attendance at meetings during the last two academic years.